Rotten Science

21 October 2012 Written by  Britnie Anderson
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The kale sits in two liter bottles and the variables are extreme. Some experiments sit under heat lamps while others in refrigerators. Some are open to the air while others are crawling with live worms. Some have bacteria, some are in the dark and there are many more. Ever heard of blue milk? Probably not...until now. Methylene blue coats all the air molecules in our milk. As bacteria eats the air in the milk, it gets less and less blue until it's completely white and spoiled. This time the variables depend mostly on type, source and flavor of the milk.

It's not always fun to come home to moldy kale and sour milk but here in room 22, we rot for fun.

Adventures of Room 22 is a blog photographed and written by students in Britnie Anderson's class at The Salt Lake Center for Science Education.

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