Will Depleted Uranium Be Coming to Utah?

21 November 2013
Published in Energy

The US has a lot of depleted uranium that needs to be stored and EnergySolutions wants to get in on the action. Over the next few months, the Division of Radiation Control will be looking at a study on the safety of storing the low level radioactive waste, which may ultimately determine if depleted uranium comes to Utah.

Is Nuclear Power in Utah’s Future?

30 September 2013
Published in Energy

Fears have prevented the construction of nuclear power plants for over 40 years, but Blue Castle Holdings is proposing to build a new one near Green River, Utah. The feasibility of the plant as well as water rights granted to the company were on trial last week.

Implications of New Ruling on Oil Shale and Tar Sands - KCPW

11 April 2013
Published in Energy

(Audio) The Department of Interior has opened up over 800,000 acres of western lands for research and developemnt of crude oil substitutes, nearly one-third less than originally proposed during the Bush administration.

Can We Store Energy From the Sun and Wind?

26 November 2012
Published in Energy

Renewable energy use is on the rise, but the sun doesn't always shine and the wind doesn't always blow. Green energy producers are looking for ways to generate a constant supply for a power hungry utility grid, and Utah's unique geology may provide the perfect tool.

CO2 To Go Underground

21 October 2012
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About 66 percent of Utah's total carbon dioxide emissions are coming from coal-fired power plants. Researchers are hard at work trying to capture that CO2 and store it underground.