Bills Unveiled that Address Air Quality--KCPW

12 February 2013
Published in Environment

On Monday Utah Democrats announced legislation aimed at addressing air pollution in the state.

Canyonlands Resolution Held for a Year--KCPW

08 February 2013
Published in Environment

A resolution calling for greater protection of Utah's Canyonlands was held over for a year of study on Thursday after Republican lawmakers questioned the intent of the legislation.

Climate Change and Utah Wildfires--KCPW

05 February 2013
Published in Environment

Effect of Climate Change on Utah Wildfires Debated at Legislature.

Crowdsourcing Andromeda--KCPW CityViews

06 December 2012
Published in Space

The newly launched Andromeda Project uses crowdsourcing to find star clusters that will help understand how galaxies form and evolve.

Businesses Meet to Clean the Air--KCPW

03 December 2012
Published in Science and Society

Local businesses met at the Annual Clean Air Conference to learn how they can make a difference.

Changes Ahead for DWR--KCPW

26 November 2012
Published in Environment

The new director for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources talks about the changes he has in store, including an initiative to get youth involved.

Protesters Bring Attention to Tar Sands Decision--KCPW

20 November 2012
Published in Environment

Protestors are angry over the recent Bureau of Land Management decision to approve tar sand mining in Utah.

Nature Adventures--KCPW CityViews

15 November 2012
Published in Life

Award winning author Mark Obmascik discusses why he writes about nature on KCPW's CityViews.

DWQ Proclaims Red Butte Clean--KCPW

12 November 2012
Published in Science and Society

The Utah Division of Water Quality has issued a draft document giving Red Butte Creek a clean bill of health following the Chevron oil spill of two years ago. The document will be open for public comment until December 10, 2012.

Computer-Based Screen for Colon Cancer--KCPW

05 November 2012
Published in Health

Huntsman Cancer Institute creates a computer program that predicts whether patients have a hereditary predisposition toward contracting colon cancer.

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