Challenging Times for Research Funding

13 December 2013

Although a budget deal may finally be in the works to get rid of the mandatory sequester cuts, research funding has not kept up with inflation for over a decade and the impact is being felt by scientists, students, and Universities.

The Mathematical Mind of A Basket Weaver

01 April 2013
Published in Science and Society

By combining culture, skill, and mathematics, Navajo basket weavers create works of art.

Governor Herbert Says No to Snake Valley Agreement--KCPW

29 March 2013
Published in Environment

(Audio) Governor Gary Herbert announced that he will not sign a water sharing agreement with the state of Nevada.

Weathering Change: Las Vegas Pipeline May Threaten West Desert's Scarce Water

07 March 2013
Published in Science and Society

(Audio) The scarce water supply in Utah's West Desert is already impacted by agricultural use and fluctuations in weather. Some worry that adding a pipeline to Las Vegas will create an environmental disaster.

Weathering Change: Mitigation, Adaptation, and Suffering

28 February 2013
Published in Environment

(Audio) Researcher Lonnie Thompson says a changing environment will be a part of our future. Now how do we deal with it?

Living With Radon Gas

11 February 2013
Published in Science and Society

It's estimated that one in three homes in Utah have dangerous levels of radon gas. Ross Chambless reports on the dilemma it poses for Utah homeowner, including him.

Using Culture to Teach Math--KCPW CityViews

09 January 2013
Published in Science and Society

Mathematics is deeply interwoven into nearly every culture. Helping students to realize this fact may alleviate their fears of learning the subject.

Drug Addiction Changes the Brain

10 December 2012
Published in Health

Utah researchers have found differences in the brains of people addicted to methamphetamine.

Do It Yourself—An Old Movement Takes on New Meaning

03 December 2012
Published in Technology

VIDEO Whether it's robotics, information security, 3D printing, or sewing and knitting, Do-It-Yourself has become a new subculture and is thriving in Utah.

Businesses Meet to Clean the Air--KCPW

03 December 2012
Published in Science and Society

Local businesses met at the Annual Clean Air Conference to learn how they can make a difference.

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