Building A Bionic Eye

18 February 2013
Published in Technology

A Utah engineer helps develop the first bionic eye approved last week by the FDA.

Drug Addiction Changes the Brain

10 December 2012
Published in Health

Utah researchers have found differences in the brains of people addicted to methamphetamine.

Bringing Utah Innovations to Market

01 November 2012
Published in Technology

During the recession, the federal government and USTAR invested 3.6 million dollars of stimulus money to help Utah inventors get their products one step closer to market. Now that the program is over, how did they do?

Combating Depression in Adolescents with Supplements

24 October 2012
Published in Health

University of Utah researchers have begun clinical trials treating depression with the muscle-building supplement, creatine.

Electric Roads: America’s Transportation Future?

21 October 2012
Published in Technology

Can electric roads one day help Utah clean the air?

CO2 To Go Underground

21 October 2012
Published in Energy

About 66 percent of Utah's total carbon dioxide emissions are coming from coal-fired power plants. Researchers are hard at work trying to capture that CO2 and store it underground.

Utah Innovation: Bomb-Sniffing Technology

21 October 2012
Published in Technology

One day, nanotechnology may put bomb-sniffing dogs out of work.