Kim Schuske

Kim Schuske

Co-founder/Producer, Explore Utah Science

Salt Lake Reconsidered--Photographer Diane Tuft

22 October 2012

Photographer Diane Tuft's digital camera captures what the naked eye cannot: dramatic colors given off by combining ultraviolet light with the unique organisms living in the lake.


Citizen Scientists Can Make Their Own Discoveries in Space

22 October 2012
Published in Space

The spacecraft Stardust delivered a package to earth that touched down in Utah's west desert in 2006. This was the start of one of many citizen science projects where regular people can make a difference.

Estudiantes de secundaria reciben entrenamiento biotécnico

21 October 2012
Published in Educación

Estudiantes de secundaria se unen a la próspera industria biotécnica de Utah.

High School Students Get Biotech Training

21 October 2012
Published in Education

Utah has a history of biotechnology innovation from developing the artificial heart to discovering genes using the Utah population database. Now high school students are joining Utah's thriving biotech industry.

Who Will Control Wolves in Utah?

21 October 2012
Published in Environment

Only a few wolves have been sighted in Utah since their extermination from the state in 1930, but Utah politicians are on the front lines to remove wolves from the Endangered Species Act.

Chances Are, You’re Not A Supertasker

10 January 2013
Published in Science and Society

Salt Lake chef Viet Pham beat Bobby Flay in a cooking battle on Iron Chef America, but both might be super good multitaskers.

Someday You Will Know the Sequence of Your DNA

21 October 2012
Published in Health

Ten years ago it cost 10 million dollars to decipher the first human DNA sequence. University of Utah researchers think soon it will cost about 1,000 dollars.

Utah Orangutans Paint to Raise Money

19 October 2012

Utah orangutans sell paintings to raise money for their relatives living in Borneo and Sumatra.

Electric Roads: America’s Transportation Future?

21 October 2012
Published in Technology

Can electric roads one day help Utah clean the air?

How Dogs Came to Be—Part 2

21 October 2012
Published in Life

For thousands of years dogs have wandered the world with humans. Researchers have begun to unravel how that happened.

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