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When Art and Science Intertwine

06 May 2013

Turning complex data into works of art has become essential for communicating and understanding science.

Molding Creatures Out of Clay

20 March 2013

A fascination with aquatic creatures led Utah artist William James to fuse ceramics with cephalopods.

Painting the Diversity of Life

15 November 2012

Utah artist Carel Brest van Kempen brings animals to life, giving viewers an opportunity to explore unique and distant places.

Salt Lake Reconsidered--Photographer Diane Tuft

22 October 2012

Photographer Diane Tuft's digital camera captures what the naked eye cannot: dramatic colors given off by combining ultraviolet light with the unique organisms living in the lake.


Utah Orangutans Paint to Raise Money

19 October 2012

Utah orangutans sell paintings to raise money for their relatives living in Borneo and Sumatra.