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How Do You Find Water in the Desert? Southern Utah Faces Tough Choices

11 December 2014
Published in Environment

How will Utah deal with increased demand for water in the future? Build more infrastructure, conserve, or both? That debate is now taking place in southern Utah.

From Nuisance to Resource: Reconsidering Stormwater

16 September 2014
Published in Science and Society

New practices promise to reduce the pollution that stormwater brings, and turn stormwater into a resource that can help replenish parched lands.

Outdoor Industry Takes on Water Sustainability

28 January 2013
Published in Environment

The outdoor industry is grappling with how to manufacture their products without harming the rivers they love.

Natural History Museum Spotlights Plight Facing Utah Frogs

29 November 2012

Globally frogs and toads may be facing a mass extinction. At the Natural History Museum, scientists explained what they're doing to save local populations.

Saving the Rain Forest By Using It to Find Drugs

19 November 2012
Published in Life

Scientists at the University of Utah apply knowledge from their basic science research to save rain forests in Panama.

Painting the Diversity of Life

15 November 2012

Utah artist Carel Brest van Kempen brings animals to life, giving viewers an opportunity to explore unique and distant places.

Who Will Control Wolves in Utah?

21 October 2012
Published in Environment

Only a few wolves have been sighted in Utah since their extermination from the state in 1930, but Utah politicians are on the front lines to remove wolves from the Endangered Species Act.

Utah Orangutans Paint to Raise Money

19 October 2012

Utah orangutans sell paintings to raise money for their relatives living in Borneo and Sumatra.