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Extracting the Human Story From Our DNA--Blog

07 July 2014

New advances in DNA testing allow us to delve deeper into our ancestry than ever before.

Sounds of the West

05 December 2013
Published in Life

Thousands of animal and ambient sounds from eleven western states have been recorded and archived in a digital library in Utah. While fascinating in their own right, sounds can also be used to track environmental change.

Blog: A Bighorn Sheep and Ranger Meet

02 May 2013

Ranger Kathryn Burke has a close encounter with a bighorn and writes about it in her blog.

The Secret Lives of Dinosaurs

18 April 2013
Published in Life

Author Brian Switek’s new book discusses new discoveries about how dinosaurs looked, lived, and had sex

Advances in Medicine Have Gone to the Dogs

07 April 2013
Published in Life

Advances in veterinary care present new hope for ailing pets, and tough choices for pet owners.

A Voyage of Discovery on an Ancient Sand Sea

14 January 2013

A paleontologist's work can be incremental and grueling. But once in a while, they're lucky enough to be a part of an incredible discovery.

Natural History Museum Spotlights Plight Facing Utah Frogs

29 November 2012

Globally frogs and toads may be facing a mass extinction. At the Natural History Museum, scientists explained what they're doing to save local populations.

Saving the Rain Forest By Using It to Find Drugs

19 November 2012
Published in Life

Scientists at the University of Utah apply knowledge from their basic science research to save rain forests in Panama.

Explosion in Urban Beekeeping Raises Concerns for Honeybee Population

24 October 2012
Published in Life

Experts fear that negligent hobby beekeeping could spur a disease outbreak that devastates commercial hives.

How Dogs Came to Be—Part 2

21 October 2012
Published in Life

For thousands of years dogs have wandered the world with humans. Researchers have begun to unravel how that happened.

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