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Biology Inspires Next Generation "Bio-batteries"

09 January 2014
Published in Technology

Batteries that power our electronic devices contain heavy metals and other materials that are toxic to the environment. A new battery technology inspired by biology, bio-batteries, overcomes many of these problems. The technology may one day lead to biodegradable batteries that store energy more efficiently than today's heavy duty lithium-ion batteries.

Building a STEM-Literate State

09 September 2013
Published in Science and Society

Utah State Science Advisor Carol George talks about the growing influence of science and technology on state government affairs, and the importance of building a STEM-literate population.

The NSA is Collecting Our Data. Should We Be Concerned?

11 June 2013
Published in Technology

University of Utah cyber security researcher Matthew Might discusses the NSA data collection controversy.  

What's Up with the BRAIN

12 May 2013
Published in Technology

(Audio) Last month, President Obama announced an initiative to study the human brain. One of the researchers on the working group for this project hails from Utah.

Building A Bionic Eye

18 February 2013
Published in Technology

A Utah engineer helps develop the first bionic eye approved last week by the FDA.

High Tech Snowmaking Fills in for Mother Nature

04 February 2013
Published in Technology

Labor-intensive and high tech, snowmaking is often a resort’s biggest expense. But it remains essential in the age of climate change.

Seeing Math: Transforming Mathematical Equations into Art

03 January 2013

A research scientist’s psychedelic art reveal solutions to technological puzzles.

Utah's Tech Future--KCPW CityViews

20 December 2012
Published in Technology

Utah has a growing reputation as a friendly place for IT and technology companies. How can the state keep up the momentum?

Do It Yourself—An Old Movement Takes on New Meaning

03 December 2012
Published in Technology

VIDEO Whether it's robotics, information security, 3D printing, or sewing and knitting, Do-It-Yourself has become a new subculture and is thriving in Utah.

Bringing Utah Innovations to Market

01 November 2012
Published in Technology

During the recession, the federal government and USTAR invested 3.6 million dollars of stimulus money to help Utah inventors get their products one step closer to market. Now that the program is over, how did they do?

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