Blog: A Bighorn Sheep and Ranger Meet

02 May 2013

Ranger Kathryn Burke has a close encounter with a bighorn and writes about it in her blog.

Blog: Visiting Mars In Southern Utah

27 March 2013

In the barren lanscape outside Hanksville Utah, the Mars Society has set up a research facility to simulate Mars. Scientists and Mars enthusiasts go on missions and conduct research to develop knowledge they hope will help prepare for an eventual trip to the red planet.

Blog: Do You Want to Live Forever?

28 March 2013

Futurists predict that one day we will upload information from our brains to the cloud, and that the first humans who will live up to 1,000 years old are already among us. Three scienitsts examine these far-out theories, and discuss research in the field of longevity.

What To Do About Utah's Physician Shortage?

14 March 2013

Utah, like many states, is facing a future with too few physicians. In rural communities it is even worse.

My Quest to Live Fossil Fuel-Free

19 November 2012

An electrical engineer is well on his way to living 100% fossil-fuel free. He explains what he has done so far, and what he has left to do to get there.

Why Engineering is a Great Career for a Woman

29 October 2012

A professor of electrical and computer engineering has invented devices that impact millions of people every day. She also has time to play the viola and raise a family. Who wouldn't want her life?

Find Out if You’re A Supertasker

22 October 2012

Visit The Leonardo museum's gene lab to see if you are super good at multitasking.