Blog: Science Helped Me Learn to Love Middle Schoolers

08 November 2014
Published in Science and Society

A graduate student gains a new appreciation for middle schoolers when she finds they can be just as passionate about pikas, and the threats to their livlihood, as she is.

The West's Pika Plight Captivates Middle Schoolers' Scientific Minds

11 November 2013
Published in Education

Seventh graders gather data to document the plight of a small mammal that could be on the brink of becoming endangered, and interpret the experience through presentations, models, video, art, and poems.

Utah Businesses Back STEM Education Bill

04 March 2013
Published in Science and Society

Utah business leaders hope to focus attention and money on STEM education with a goal of boosting the technology workforce.

A Virtual Field Trip to the Hylozoic Veil

24 January 2013

WATCH THE VIDEO Part robot, part prototype life-form, part kinetic sculpture, the Hylozoic Veil at The Leonardo Museum captures the imagination and raises the question, "What is life?".

Using Culture to Teach Math--KCPW CityViews

09 January 2013
Published in Science and Society

Mathematics is deeply interwoven into nearly every culture. Helping students to realize this fact may alleviate their fears of learning the subject.

Autism and Technology--KCPW CityViews

17 December 2012
Published in Health

Researchers focus on how technology can help kids with autism develop social skills.