Ross Chambless

Ross Chambless

Ross Chambless is a freelance environmental science writer and radio producer. He also works for the nonprofit TreeUtah.

How Do You Find Water in the Desert? Southern Utah Faces Tough Choices

11 December 2014
Published in Environment

How will Utah deal with increased demand for water in the future? Build more infrastructure, conserve, or both? That debate is now taking place in southern Utah.

Can Farmers and Cities Share Utah’s Water?

06 November 2014
Published in Science and Society

As Utah's water needs grow with a rising population, the temptation is to siphon water from the state's largest water user, agriculture. Can farmlands survive a growing urban thirst?

Beaver Dam Mapping App Now Available for Citizen Scientists

13 July 2014
Published in Environment

Scientists are studying how beavers could be used as a tool for stream restoration and are looking to you for help.

Pristine to Polluted: The Journey of an Urban Stream

08 May 2014
Published in Science and Society

Salt Lake City’s Red Butte Creek offers a unique opportunity for scientists to study how a mountain stream changes when it enters an urban environment.

Desert Dust Events Could Trigger Early Wasatch Snowmelt

04 March 2014
Published in Environment

Dust events occur regularly each spring along the Wasatch Front, and they could be impacting how much water is ultimately available for Utah residents.

Living With Radon Gas

11 February 2013
Published in Science and Society

It's estimated that one in three homes in Utah have dangerous levels of radon gas. Ross Chambless reports on the dilemma it poses for Utah homeowner, including him.

Can We Store Energy From the Sun and Wind?

26 November 2012
Published in Energy

Renewable energy use is on the rise, but the sun doesn't always shine and the wind doesn't always blow. Green energy producers are looking for ways to generate a constant supply for a power hungry utility grid, and Utah's unique geology may provide the perfect tool.

Alta Fights to Stop Bark Beetles

22 October 2012
Published in Environment

When Alta ski resort discovered bark beetles attacking some of their trees, managers turned proactive in protecting and monitoring the health of their forest.

Los jardines que están creciendo en las escuelas de Salt Lake City

21 October 2012
Published in Educación

Es una tarde de primavera con brisa en la escuela primaria Escalante, al oeste del centro de la ciudad de Salt Lake. Los alumnos del grupo de sexto grado del Sr. Haglund están un poco sucios.

Gardens Growing at Salt Lake City Schools

21 October 2012
Published in Education

Gardening, composting, and playing with worms help Salt Lake City students learn about biology by doing.

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