Julie Kiefer

Julie Kiefer

Co-founder/Producer, Explore Utah Science

From Nuisance to Resource: Reconsidering Stormwater

16 September 2014
Published in Science and Society

New practices promise to reduce the pollution that stormwater brings, and turn stormwater into a resource that can help replenish parched lands.

When People and Wildlife Collide

19 December 2013
Published in Science and Society

To protect both people and wildlife, scientists are investigating the safest, most cost-effective ways to get big game across the road.

The West's Pika Plight Captivates Middle Schoolers' Scientific Minds

11 November 2013
Published in Education

Seventh graders gather data to document the plight of a small mammal that could be on the brink of becoming endangered, and interpret the experience through presentations, models, video, art, and poems.

Building a STEM-Literate State

09 September 2013
Published in Science and Society

Utah State Science Advisor Carol George talks about the growing influence of science and technology on state government affairs, and the importance of building a STEM-literate population.

D.I.Y. Science - Experiments for Kids

22 August 2013
Published in Education

Looking for something to do with the kids after school? Our D.I.Y. Science experiment booklet will keep their hands busy, and their minds going.

Searching the Wild for New Solutions to Cancer

20 May 2013
Published in Health

The animals that live beside us have secrets to tell about the causes and cures for cancer.

When Art and Science Intertwine

06 May 2013

Turning complex data into works of art has become essential for communicating and understanding science.

The Secret Lives of Dinosaurs

18 April 2013
Published in Life

Author Brian Switek’s new book discusses new discoveries about how dinosaurs looked, lived, and had sex

Outdoor Industry Takes on Water Sustainability

28 January 2013
Published in Environment

The outdoor industry is grappling with how to manufacture their products without harming the rivers they love.

Manteniendo a los orangutanes sanos y felices en el zoológico Hogle

24 October 2012
Published in Educación

Mantener a estos inteligentes simios sanos y ocupados en actividades que disfruten puede ser un trabajo difícil pero satisfactorio.

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