Roger McDonough

Roger McDonough

Roger McDonough is a reporter at KCPW

Ancient Humans Took A Long Pause When Crossing From Asia to the Americas

02 March 2014
Published in Life

The progress of the early human migration from Asia into the Americas was incredibly slow. In fact, the people whose descendants ended up populating the American continents may have spent as many as 10,000 years inhabiting the Bering Land bridge. 

Natural History Museum Explores Science of Natural Disasters--KCPW

27 May 2013
Published in Science and Society

The Natural History Museum of Utah unveils a new travelling exhibit.

Objections to West Davis Corridor Highway - KCPW

09 May 2013
Published in Science and Society

(Audio) Community groups present alternatives to a proposed highway in Davis County that could threaten the fragile environment surrounding the Great Salt Lake.

Colorado Named the Most Endangered River - KCPW

25 April 2013
Published in Environment

(Audio) Extensive irrigation projects and dams are heavily impacting one of the nation's most iconic and important rivers, the Colorado.

Implications of New Ruling on Oil Shale and Tar Sands - KCPW

11 April 2013
Published in Energy

(Audio) The Department of Interior has opened up over 800,000 acres of western lands for research and developemnt of crude oil substitutes, nearly one-third less than originally proposed during the Bush administration.

Governor Herbert Says No to Snake Valley Agreement--KCPW

29 March 2013
Published in Environment

(Audio) Governor Gary Herbert announced that he will not sign a water sharing agreement with the state of Nevada.

How Microbes Help Make Us Human - KCPW

06 March 2013
Published in Health

A Utah microbiologist explains that the microorganisms within us shape our health, development, and the nature of being human.

Bills Unveiled that Address Air Quality--KCPW

12 February 2013
Published in Environment

On Monday Utah Democrats announced legislation aimed at addressing air pollution in the state.

Canyonlands Resolution Held for a Year--KCPW

08 February 2013
Published in Environment

A resolution calling for greater protection of Utah's Canyonlands was held over for a year of study on Thursday after Republican lawmakers questioned the intent of the legislation.

Climate Change and Utah Wildfires--KCPW

05 February 2013
Published in Environment

Effect of Climate Change on Utah Wildfires Debated at Legislature.