Kim Schuske

Kim Schuske

Co-founder/Producer, Explore Utah Science

Biomedical Funding Cuts are Hurting Research

25 June 2013
Published in Science and Society

Federal budget cuts are negatively impacting life science and biomedical research communities across the nation, including in Utah

The NSA is Collecting Our Data. Should We Be Concerned?

11 June 2013
Published in Technology

University of Utah cyber security researcher Matthew Might discusses the NSA data collection controversy.  

What's Up with the BRAIN

12 May 2013
Published in Technology

(Audio) Last month, President Obama announced an initiative to study the human brain. One of the researchers on the working group for this project hails from Utah.

Is Lyme Disease in Utah?

21 April 2013
Published in Health

(Audio) Spring is the season for hiking, biking, camping, and for ticks. Lyme disease is the most common tick born disease in the U.S., but is it in Utah?

Learning Leadership Through Robotics

25 March 2013
Published in Education

(Audio) This weekend, hundreds of high school students participated in a regional sporting event at the Maverik Center in West Valley City. But in this competition, the players were robots.

Molding Creatures Out of Clay

20 March 2013

A fascination with aquatic creatures led Utah artist William James to fuse ceramics with cephalopods.

Weathering Change: Las Vegas Pipeline May Threaten West Desert's Scarce Water

07 March 2013
Published in Science and Society

(Audio) The scarce water supply in Utah's West Desert is already impacted by agricultural use and fluctuations in weather. Some worry that adding a pipeline to Las Vegas will create an environmental disaster.

Utah Businesses Back STEM Education Bill

04 March 2013
Published in Science and Society

Utah business leaders hope to focus attention and money on STEM education with a goal of boosting the technology workforce.

Weathering Change: Mitigation, Adaptation, and Suffering

28 February 2013
Published in Environment

(Audio) Researcher Lonnie Thompson says a changing environment will be a part of our future. Now how do we deal with it?

Weathering Change: Glaciers Melt, Water Rises

25 February 2013
Published in Environment

(Audio) Sea level has risen and fallen throughout history but is only problematic now that hundreds of millions live at sea level, says researcher Lonnie Thompson.

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