Antibiotic Resistance, A Looming Public Health Threat

26 November 2013
Published in Health

Antibiotics are our main line of defense against bacteria that can make us very sick. But that defense is breaking down as the microorganisms are increasingly becoming resistant to our most effective drugs. How we deal with this threat may determine if we will become at risk of dying from infectious diseases that have been held in check for nearly a century.

Is Lyme Disease in Utah?

21 April 2013
Published in Health

(Audio) Spring is the season for hiking, biking, camping, and for ticks. Lyme disease is the most common tick born disease in the U.S., but is it in Utah?

Rotten Science

21 October 2012

Room 22 is exploring the world of microbes by rotting kale and milk. Luckily, the classroom isn't quite as smelly as you would expect.